Nivonim 1994 Reunion Campaign

Dear Nivonim 1994,

 A few weeks ago, 28 (um 29 thank you Danny for the last minute addition) members of our aidah came back to the Northwoods in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our Nivonim summer.


After 25 years away, Ramah is still a magical place from the smells (minus the Chadar trash), the sounds (why do we have more ruach than Nivo ’19?), to the kikar! The physical camp is still incredibly beautiful. It's hard to believe camp is home to over 700 people during the summer yet you can still find a totally private place to hang out with a friend. As we walked towards the waterfront, visited Machon Point, and strolled on the garbage trail, we felt a deep sense of familiarity. The memories are almost endless. Most of the weekend was spent just catching up with everyone and touring camp as an “adult” was surreal. Despite all changes, everything is still in place and Camp feels very much the same.


It’s been 25 years, which is crazy to say and think about, but it didn’t feel that long when we were there together.  Hanging out with Nivo 2019 made us really jealous, feel a bit old, but it also made us remember what camp is about, a community of friendships.  We fondly remember camp as some of the best times of our youth and several of those memories include our friends Josh and Eli, which goes without saying that they were sorely missed at the reunion, where we laughed, we cried and then we laughed some more. While not in person, Josh and Eli were 100% with us at camp that weekend. Perhaps the lightning storm was Josh, and Eli was the giant rainbow in the sky looking over us as we remember and miss them.


In that spirit, we want to memorialize them by naming one of the swinging benches on Machon Point in their memory. We like the location and think that Josh would have liked making out with girls on it and Eli would have loved thinking about making out with girls on it. Additionally, the funds raised will go into a Scholarship Fund for camp in Nivonim 1994’s name. 


Many were surprised to hear that over 50% of the current campers receive scholarship funding to attend camp each year. As an aidah, life-long friends and hopefully future parents of Ramahniks, we have the ability to make a difference in the lives of campers from around the country by contributing to the Scholarship fund as part of the NIVONIM 1994 REUNION CAMPAIGN. Every dollar donated will help ensure that the next generation of Ramah campers can make it to the Northwoods of Wisconsin – a place that will always have a special place in all our hearts. With a campaign goal of $15,000 we can do incredible good for a place that has given us all so much over the years.


Regardless of your means or wherever you are in life, any support you provide is truly appreciated. To be part of our aidah campaign, please make a donation right now using the form below.  Alternatively, feel free to contact Sam Caplan, Ramah’s Chief Development Officer at 312-690-8332 or  Let's come together again and leave an indelible mark on Ramah. 


Finally, if you are in-touch with a fellow aidah mate who wasn’t able to join us for the amazing reunion weekend, please forward this to them or send us their contact information so we can be sure they remain a part of our special aidah. 

Also, If you want to see pictures from our reunion including our adventures on the ropes course and Saturday night at Bauer's check out this link:


Todah Rabah,


Micah & Matt


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SFSamuel A Feinberg
EHErin Hornick
$180.00 SBShoshana Becker
Nivo 94 rock! I loved being your counselor and have great memories from the summers I spent with you all ('93-'94). In memory of two amazing kids who grew up to be great men.
$500.00 SGSusan Goldsmith
May their memories be for a blessing
RMRachel Modlin
RCRachel Chernoff
MGMelanie Goldfarb
$50.00 AEAvi Edwards
May their memories, like our friendships, be blessings forever
$500.00 DTDavid Traub
In memory of two of my closest friends who were a part of almost all my childhood adventures.
DMDana Mitchell